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Default Re: [TG] Perk to allow Break Free with striking skill?

I see now that my initial post was phrasewd in a way thet (a detail of) it could be misunderstood.

When I wrote "striker" i actually meant "fighter using a striking skill" in the same way that saying "a grappler" means "a fighter using a grappling skill".

I did not mean Striker as in "body part used only to strike with", I apologize.

It was about a fighter with no grappling skills being allowed to use his striking skill to Break Free.

However the answers given are quite enlightening.
It seems Skill Adaptation Perk (allow Break Free with Brawling (or whatever)) is the fix. And Training Bonus should use slow progression.


I love TG, and have adapted it into an ongoing Cliffhanger campaign. Several of the players have taken a liking to it, the rest just accept it. Few of them know the rules well yet, but we're getting there.
A player has just returned after almost 2 years break. He plays daring adventuress Cassandra Harker, who uses Wrestling to do the Parry->Arm Lock->Throw from Lock. Little has changes for this by adapting TG.
Playing GURPS since '90, is now fluent in 4th ed as well.
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