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Default Re: Strategy and Tactics different from Strategy (Art) or Military Science

Originally Posted by fredtheobviouspseudonym View Post
Excellent summary. Thank you.

Jellicoe was suffering from two special problems. Bridge-to-bridge message time was about 20+ minutes. There was no voice radio, so all messages had to be drafted coded into Morse, re-coded into the naval cipher, sent, and the process had to be reversed. Also, he was ill-served by his subordinates who often did NOT send key information and often did not do very well when they tried.

Example: Jellicoe message out: "Where is the enemy battle fleet?" (A fairly key datum, I would think.)

Answer (from Adm. Evan-Thomas of the 5th Battle Squadron): "I am engaging the enemy." ["Which enemy? Are they the enemy battleships -- or all or none of them? Where are they? Heck, where are you?")

Repeat this dozens of times and you can gauge Jellicoe's problem.

So part of Operations & Tactics (Strategy if you are not using Operations skill) is figuring how to make the right decision when you're in the fog of war.
Now that's something I did not know. I wonder why they did it this way. I know radio was about a decade old, and that ships were one of its early adopters, and that news reports were received by commercial vessels during the war.

Some poking around reveals that the Germans used more radio than the British, but this also cost them as the British had means to decode the messages and often listened in. I've also read claims that the Germans were jamming the british that day.

But it would appear they were figuring out Electronic Warfare on the fly during that war.
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