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Default Re: [Basic] Skill of the week: Strategy and Tactics

I think the discussions here are forgetting one important thing: what kind of game can (or should?) these skills be used in. For almost any dungeon fantasy, martial arts action, or other small-scale adventure, you're dealing with "what am I doing right here and now" and neither skill is something you'll want to deal with. If you roll poorly you cut off the player's options and that doesn't make for fun gaming, if you roll well you may get a bonus that skews the scene in a way that may not make sense. There's a reason why video games don't simulate the latency between a general making a decision and that tank in your strategy moving up to shoot the bad guy, it makes for less fun.

Tactics and strategy can have a place, especially in a mass-combat game, but my preference is for smaller scale games and minimizing roll play so you can have fun with friends in role play. To that end, you could easily roll Tactics, Strategy, and maybe even History (Military) all into one hobby skill if your team leader needs to know it at all. If your team doesn't have a leader (many do not), that's one fewer things to slow you down.
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