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Default Re: [Basic] Skill of the week: Strategy and Tactics

Originally Posted by WaterAndWindSpirit View Post
Out of curiosity... Were they fighting a street gang? A raider gang? The ADVENT Administration? Even cops serving arrest warrants against somewhat dangerous suspects should have a field commander with at *least* 12 in Tactics (ADVENT are a special case), SWAT should push it to at *least* 14. Of course, if you have trained PCs fighting untrained opponents, by all rights it *should* result in a complete slaughter, unless fighting untrained but superhuman opponents with a group of normal humans PCs.
It was a small band of Ytarrian adventurers, whose leader had Tactics, fighting a couple of Bilit Island priests and the demons that they were riding - keen on blood and guts, less keen on organised warfare.

Really, it was probably too small a confrontation for Tactics skill to make much difference.
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