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Default Re: Help with building a summonable "slime chimera"

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
Well, it depends on what exactly you are attempting to do, but you could order individual slimes to do different things with Minion. In any case, it would like result in a very high point build (500+ CP). Independent slimes could be bought as individual Allies who possessed Permeation (Your character) [5].

An alternative build could use Alterate Form, where the first Alterate Form possesses the Ally Group and the second Alternate Form possesses the Morph. In fact, it might end up being more effective, as Alternate Form (Non-Reciprocal Damage, +50%; Reciprocal Rest, +30%; Reduced Time 4, +80%) would only 39 CP each form (while the Alternative Ability would cost 40 CP and be less useful than the Alternate Form).

In that case, I would likely give the base form Injury Tolerance (Diffuse; Body of Swarm, +40%; Humanoid Form, +50%; Switchable, +10%) [200] and the above two Alternate Forms [78]. Another +122 CP of traits would allow for a character appropriate for a MH game, another +100 CP of traits on top of that allows for a character appropriate for a Supers game.
My campaign is 550CP+ rn.

The permeation can work as the payload would to hold the slimes on the chimera body, it's a good alternative if I need these points on the basic slimes instead of the chimera.

The problem is, if I use them as independent beings and separate allies, how would the core slime control the lesser ones attached to it's body.

As for the alternate form build, the first one is assuming the chimera has an ally group, but the chimera is already a ally to the PC, so it can't have allies, unless it's cosmic (see above).

Also, the basic slimes can absorb enemies or materials to acquire a irreversible ability, I would need one alternate form for each base slime with morph, that would make the cost too high even on a 550 CP character.

I think the best way suggested until now is to find an ability that would let the chimera control the actions and use abilities from the basic slime's, while using permeation or payload to attach them, using them as chipslots for example (though I still need to evaluate something like that).
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