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Default Memorable Quotes.

This thread is a humor thread like "2000 things" or "famous last words" except different.

What memorable quotes have you or your friends created, and what event were they tied to at that moment?

My latest adventure involved being stuck on a space craft. A frigate comparably not well suited for combat. The enemy ship was roughly the same size as ours. Except it had Particle Beams, godly anti-missile capability, and a shield that could take a nuke. My ship was of course, packed with missiles. After 2 volleys from 2 frigates, in roughly the #40's range worth of missiles, it was reported that only 5 made it through, and that the shield had barely flickered while the rest of the missiles were taken out in a quick flash of light from the particle beams.

I was on deck, commanding the frigate Lawson. The Communcations officer turns to me with a recommended course of action. I reply:

"Quick, call fleet command, we've got a GM's wet dream on our hands!"
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