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Default Re: I'm starting to hate THE WITCHER

Originally Posted by Plane View Post
You've gotten to -50% here, you can get to a full -80% via B110's -30% for DR multiplier 2.

DR multipliers are a great complement for No Wounding discounts unless you happen to be using that No Wounding attack to carry a Side Effect in which case having some Penetrating Damage that doesn't cause injury has a purpose (penalizing the HT roll)

You can even get -70% for a DR multiplier 10 (a bigger discount than No Wounding -50%) if you wanted to apply further enhancements, though I'm not sure what that would be.
Note that using an Armour Divisor limitation on something that has No Wounding and carries no linked or follow-up effect or anything else that is triggered by a penetrating hit that does no injury, you are probably going to run afoul of the principle that a limitation that doesn't actually limit the power should be worth nothing.
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