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Originally Posted by zot View Post
I didn't see any threads on this. Maybe someone addressed it in the giant Fantasy Trip thread or something.

So, Dark City games address this by making a wizard's staff be a a strength battery, starting at zero capacity, upgradable with EP to the wizard's IQ. There's something to start with.
Hi Zot, everyone.
I think that experienced wizards are much more powerful than experienced fighters. So if wizards could spend experience points to improve their fatigue ST (fST) that they could use on spells, and fighters had nothing so spend experience on, it would exacerbate the problem.

Wizards would be improving their combat power, but their attribute total stays low so they would be buying attributes more easily. If this was done, you may wish to consider the fST spent on the staff as part of the wizard's attribute total.

And yes, this was discussed in the big TFT thread. :-D
Warm regards, Rick.
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