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Default Re: How many Auto Manufacturers are there in NA?

Early Pursuit Car: Lux.; XH ch.; Hv. Su.; T-cat PP [6,700 PF]; 4x Sol. tire; Dr. 4x MG (L) [F]; 2x MD (L) [1 ea. L, R]; Cargo [usu. 1x Pas.]; Spoiler; Radar. A: 90 pts. P [F, B: 20; L, R: 15; T, U: 10]. $29,700; 6,600 lbs. Acc.: 15; TS: 182.5; HC: 3 (4 @ 60+).

These days: Airplanes with Cluster Bombs are *far* more efficient at Cycle Gang Removal. >:)
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