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Default One shots in Automatic Defeat scenarios?

My friends and I were playing the TMNT version of munchkins and we hit a strange scenario.

I looked for trouble against Karai. Karai states "+4 unless a player in combat has Shredder's Helmet or Shredder's Claw equipped, in which case she is automatically defeated"

So I had Shredder's Helmet and automayically defeated her, my friend however tried to play the Technodrome Blast card which is a one shot that states "Use during any combat. The player(s) in this combat automatically lose and must try to Run Away from all the monsters. Usable only once." Her bad stuff is death so he was trying to force me to have to run from it.

So my main question here is

1. Can a one shot like this be played during a combat if the monster automatically gets defeated anyway?
2. If they can be played, then what takes priority, the automatic defeat of the monster or the automatic lose against the monster"
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