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Default Re: GURPS Spaceships Design Spreadsheet

I noticed the most recent release contained an updated version of the SpaceshipsOptionalRules.pdf file but when I looked it was still labeled RC29. Have you actually made any changes to the Optional Rules sheet since then (aside from the version number I mean)? This isn't just an idle question. I recently (because I was bored I'll admit) manually created a .docx file from the text of that sheet. The only things I directly copied were the data tables; the rest I filtered through one of my text editors (to unwrap paragraphs mainly) and copied into the appropriate heading and paragraph styles (which I altered on the .docx file to match the fonts and alignments on the sheet) making sure any bold and italic text matched. It's not an exact copy I admit (sometimes I couldn't align the tables with the text the same way and I corrected any spelling errors and comma issues that Word found) but it is as close as I could make it. I will send you a copy if you want and you can do with it what you will.
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