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Default Re: IQ for Fatigue…?

Originally Posted by Skarg View Post
…shifting more functions to IQ tends to make what is already the most important attribute for wizards even more important.
Well, yeah… but that's exactly the point. IQ should be more important to the Wizard than ST, because that's the faculty that in all other ways affects spell-casting.

Even when a Warrior loses ST due to wounds, he doesn't lose its use — for example, he he does not suddenly drop his Great Sword when his ST drops below 16. The Warrior can expend physical energy at full capacity, without limit, yet never feel the slightest hint of Fatigue.

But by contrast a Wizard can very easily kill himself (or at least knock himself unconscious and vulnerable to easy murder) in a matter of mere seconds, just by casting his own spells.

So Warriors are relentless, unstoppable killing machines who never need rest, but Wizards are hothouse orchids, who are good for maybe a half a dozen shots before they keel over in a boneless heap…?

That just doesn't seem rational to me.

The Wizard's activity is already much more limited than a Warrior — and the only real difference it would make to count Fatigue against the Wizard's IQ is that he'd be able to cast a few more spells.

The Wizard would still have good reason to invest in improving his ST, because that's still how he avoids DYING — but he'd have a meaningful choice to make, between being high-powered but fragile, or magically weaker but physically sturdier.
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