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Default Re: Is there a strong case for strong characters?

Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
I don't see any point in putting more than ST 12 on a starting character and even that is only because of the light crossbow sniper.

The rest of the party should be ST 9 or less.

I mean, I'll play Socratic counterpart for you if you like:

For arena characters:
To do more damage with weapons, and to be somewhat more durable.
To be able to cast another spell or two.

Experience and melee duel simulators bear out that fighters want at least ST 10, and 11-13 are the optimal values.

For actual campaign PCs, for the same reasons, and also for encumbrance, survivability, things that take ST rolls, and dealing with things that have armor.

And because GMs such as myself would tend to not let you start out beginning PCs with Expert talents, and also house rules that don't tempt you with 500+ XP in future savings for every point of IQ they start with.

And because such GMs also have house rules reducing the uber-ness of sha-ken, whips, bolas, lassos...
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