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Default Re: [OOC] The Voyages of "The Hiawatha" [Hero Class] : GURPS Traveller

Originally Posted by doulos05 View Post
I say let's launch soon. I've still got to set up Silvester's equipment list, but other than that, I'm good.

We do need to make sure someone puts at least 1 point in Armory (Small Arms), Armory (Beam Weapons), and Armory (Armor) for the purpose of equipment repairs.
My Chief covers Armory (Small Arms).

Ive added Gear for the Doc. It is in the Crew Roster.

I slightly exceeded the 20% limit. For a born and longtime spacer the space suit might count as household gear, though ? If that is a problem, I can drop something.

As far as outstanding stuff is concerend, Ive jumped on the Smart Vacc Suit wagon - this seems to be the thing a spacer might carry around. There is a biosniffer from the ISW equipment list - Ive added the desciption. This seems to be the right kind of thing for a nosy medic and biologist to possess ...
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