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Default Re: Corco's Villa (IC)

Originally Posted by the_matrix_walker View Post
Vassarious searches for the offices of the governor of Monstri, Moratus Ingelni.
Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
Consul Gylin Malchus (The Governor) meets with Varsarrious in a stately room made of marble. It seems to try to invoke the feel of the imperial tomb, but with avoiding just a couple of the symbols. A wide window overlooks an enormous garden, and a couple of security guards are present (think secret service... this man effectively rules an entire world)

Consul Malchus peers at Vassarious. Vassarious has acquired the identity of the wife of a powerful member of the aristocracy*, with a good deal of power herself. "I was lead to believe you had an urgent matter of business to discuss?"

*you can change this if you want... but it needs to be someone who the governor would meet with quickly.
I don't object to the identity, but this is not the governor I want to talk to... Did I misunderstand? I thought the governors were gathered here, I must have been merging the governors and the senate in my mind or something if I'm off on that...
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