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Default Re: Things worth having in a Cyberpunk Campaign

Originally Posted by hal View Post
Hmmm - googling pokecon doesn't pull anything up - so I'm guessing the story you reference may have supplied more data on such an app.

Tying this into Memetics from TRANSHUMAN SPACE, this sounds like an app designed to help influence activity of some kind, all under the auspices of "social awareness".

Such an app, if it ever became powerful - could be used by the actual owners of the app coding, to engage in public behavior that it otherwise would not. Toss in "social reward points" and rankings that the public would compete for - and you have a social retraining tool for "Acceptable behavior".

Hmmmm. Does make one think!
Pokecon is a contraction of "pocket conscience", which is what the Japanese in the story called them. The Americans had a less interesting name for it. I think the root of it is an algorithm-based app designed to improve mental health, concluding that the most effective way to improve it's owner's mental health is the overthrow of the existing economic system, and working accordingly.
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