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Default Re: Vectored thrust vs Straight Thrust

By the by...

I looked at the volume that was filled by a TL 12 vectored thrust module, and then reverse engineered the stats on a TL 10 vectored thrust module, and found there to be a significant amount of wasted space in the TL 10 version. I had to believe it was done so as to preserve easy numbers. Current rules for a TL 10 thrust module grants 40 sTons of thrust, whereas one engineered to the same degree of space utilization as a TL 12 Thrust module - would result in a TL 10 49 sTon thrust for the module.

But here is where things get really fun...

A TL 10 module without vectored thrust, would produce 69 sTons of thrust per module.

One could have SERIOUS Fun with a straight thrust module that adds thrust in only one direction.

Just a thought.
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