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Default Re: How many Auto Manufacturers are there in NA?

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Fair, and Honestly I thinking more in my own Campaign where most of the police are RCMP and how that give better communication, they have quality vehicles, they are stretch thin and given direction to keep travel routes open over over all policing. That likely is kind of unique also corruption is at an all time low.

Currently the Groups constant thorns in the RCMP are going to be groups that either are based in the US, as Huge amounts of settled Canada is in almost a single charge of the border or those for various reason can go to ground into populations or because they can create doubt of connection between the father organization and the raiders, or occasionally all of the above.
It sounds like the RCMP could reasonably have a central pool of aircraft to call upon but these would be dispersed around (probably one airfield per province in the capital). These aircraft here can be well defended and deployed out to dissuade large scale build-up of bandits of all kinds.

I am sure if a more local force needed a small aircraft they could request the assistance of the citizenry and most forces would be on friendly terms with someone with a crop duster that could be used for aerial observation (and that would remove the need for the police to have a trained pilot).

Does your campaign feature the traditional ruined cities that are a feature of CW in the USA. If not it wont be so easy for bike gangs to hide. I am sure my impression of Canada is wholly stereotypical so you will be the best judge of where large gangs could hide out and if they can hide safely.

Remember all a gang needs to hide from air-based attack is some camo netting (and anti-radar netting for the vehicles). You can't bomb what you can't see :)
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