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Default Re: Opinions on cinematic martial arts skills?

Originally Posted by Michael Thayne View Post
Who's had good experiences playing with these skills, either as a play or GM?
We used a number of custom techniques; one to buy off the penalty for removing the fatigue cost (an idea stolen from Imbuements), another to buy off the penalty for rapid usage, and others to reduce various even more specific penalties. We also permitted armed variants, the ability to stack higher multipliers on relevant skills and the no nuisance perk for non-combat uses.

It worked pretty well for that campaign. They were about as useful as the imbuements were.

It'd be a tie between the tool-, body- and sword-cultivator as to which one got the most bang for their points, the alchemist found theirs useful but not all that important, and both the tamer and the ghost-cultivator essentially only used theirs as travel powers.
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