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Default Re: [Basic] Advantage of the Week: Magery

Originally Posted by Anaraxes View Post
Uncapped Magery is particularly useful for concepts that don't call for the mage to be a old, learned loremaster (along the lines of Gandalf and D&D wizards). Magery's cheaper than IQ, so if the concept is just "magically powerful", but not "brainiac", then Magery's a cheaper way to get to high skill, so the builds aren't quite so compelled to toe the IQ 14 + Magery 3 - 2 line.
It's also why I like allowing for DX-based wizards. And HT-based ones with a UB (I think I use 30? HT-based wizards don't take magery and things that care about magery are dealt with differently).
Originally Posted by cosmicfish View Post
While I do not think that GURPS is perfect I do think that it is more balanced than what I am likely to create by GM fiat.

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