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Default Re: Where are the Play-by-Post GURPS Traveller games hiding?

Originally Posted by pup67vargr View Post
Okay MisterJuan, that sounds good! Terran, eh? One wonders whether he was an officer in a Terran-based, System or Sector-wide navy, or the Imperial Navy, and, for that matter, what his attitude is toward Imperial-types in general, not to mention more 'alien' aliens!
Well, all that will actually somewhat depend on "when" exactly the game will take place. I wouldn't mind playing a character who's rather overtly biased towards non-terrans. I like characters who have somewhat big character flaws, as it makes them a bit more real (in my opinion at least) and gives a nice character arc to work with.

Would you be open to having said character have a rather well known reputation? And I don't really mean as a war hero... more like the infamous kind (which could explain the "ex-navy" part). Somehow, I wouldn't mind a few "Hey, aren't you the one they call The Butcher of XYZ?"

Anyways... I'm just throwing ideas around.
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