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Default Re: [Spaceships] Translating CT ship stats to GURPS 4e

I'd agree that Traveller fuel is best thought of as a percentage. Ships are mostly LHyd. I can't remember players ever caring about the actual mass of a ship, loaded or unloaded.

(You might have a scenario where they're trying to land on an ice crust or some such -- but that's a plot point, so whatever the weight of the ship in that gravity, the crust will inevitably happen to be of a convenient thickness for the material so as to barely support the ship, demanding extra safety measures -- or whatever the plot is demanding. The story's got nothing to do with meticulously calculating the mass of the ship and the shear force for a randomly-determined thickness of sea water ice to find out the ship and its crew break through and turn their ship into a submarine. Or die horribly, or whatever the consequence for being too heavy. The GM did know what that consequence was going to be if it did happen, right?)
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