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Default Re: Knightmare Chess: Rules questions about Doomsayer and Spoils of War

Originally Posted by Optimizer2040 View Post
Hi there SJG staff! I really hope one of you guys gets to read my message.

I just have some rules questions about some cards in Knightmare Chess:

1. If I play Doomsayer, and I have, say, two Rooks in play, and I say the word 'Rook'... which Rook do I lose? How is it decided? Does my opponent decide which Rook is captured? Or I decide? Or maybe the captured piece is chosen at random?

2. In the card text of Spoils of War, it says that your capturing piece transforms into a piece of the same kind it captured... but then that would mean I could use my King to capture, and it would transform into another piece!

I suspect Spoils of War should have the restriction of not being able to be played when the capturing piece is a King.

3. In the card text of Demotion, it says that you replace one of your opponent's pieces (except a King or Queen) with one of his or her pawns you've captured.

What happens to the piece that is being replaced? It is considered captured, or dead?

That is all! I really hope I can get some help from you guys. I would thank you forever! :)
DOOMSAYER - You get to choose which of your own rooks to remove.

SPOILS OF WAR - it can be used on a king to transform it into another piece. It is still a king and the rules for kings remain the same (see COUP).

DEMOTION - The demoted piece is dead, it is not placed with the captured pieces.
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