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Default Re: Hooking New Players at the FLGS?

Originally Posted by Agemegos View Post
For a longer format I might agree with you, but my experience of running three-hour games for pick-up groups (which I have done at cons) is that you have to keep the adventure very streamlined and the characters simple. Players have to be able to appreciate their characters quickly and confidently, which militates against complexity and subtlety, and they have to be able to work out what to do in an unexpected situation without any temptation to dither.

This is indeed not GURPS' strong suit. GURPS can easily be "too much game" for a three-hour pick-up session.
As I said before, GURPS' charm is that it is "much game", allowing an even encouragnig the creation of characters with multiple abilities, and in many cases with odd combinations of abilities.

I don't think the OP is going to convince many of the wonders of GURPS, if he gives them low-brow hypersimplistic characters to play, in the style of AD&D or Feng Shui.
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