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Default Re: Hooking New Players at the FLGS?

Originally Posted by Territan View Post
Peter's "lens" idea is intriguing, and I may try something like that, only smaller. Say, 10% of the character left unspent and five optional builds (check one) under the character notes.
Okay, here's a more detailed description of the idea, including a lot of assumptions that you'll have to fit to the situation.

150 CP characters
4 players

Okay, you have 4 players. If you're a bit lazy, you'll make 2.5 characters per player, as an absolute minimum, for 10 characters.

With more players, you might be able to go a bit lower than 2.5, while with fewer payers you need to go higher. The important thing is that no player ends up feeling like he's forced to choose between a list of character types none of which he wants to play. So go for many different character types, and if possible include two somewhat similar rogue types or ninja types, maybe one Ranger and one Ninja, or one Assassin and ont Cat Burglar, or whatever. And probably at least 3 who can fight in melee, with or without weapons. All different from each other.

Anyway, you got 10 characters.

Now you make variants of each of them. Say you take 20 CP (a bit over 10% of their CP total) and split out into Lenses. Five of the charactes get 4 Lenses each, and the other five get 3 Lenses each because you simply couldn't come up with a 4th Lens you liked.

That means you have not 10 but 35 characters, for the players to choose from. You just need to "link" each of the 35 characters to its "parent" character so that the players know they can't choose 2 variants of the same character.

This "link-to-parent" thing becomes more and more important, the less difference the Lens makes. If the Lens only takes up 13% of the CP budget (let alone 10%!) then it's very important. If the Lens takes up 25% of the CP budget, it's not particularly important, although you still need to individualize the characters.

Either way, as I see it, you're going to be bringing 35 diffeent character sheets to the campaign, even if there are only 10 different character names.
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