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Default GWM and Bucking Bronco (Technical Grappling)

TG9's MBM applies the DX penalty from TG8 (GWM middle column) to "Break Free" if "under" opponents (per Weight Advantage in section below, via TG35 Change Position)

TG26's "bucking" option completely ignores attack rolls (automatically hits) so it seems like weight advantage doesn't matter at all here.

I'm wondering what thoughts would be on making it matter by having 'bucking' not be a completely automatic success, but rather maybe just normally a very easy roll like +10 which GWM could then apply to.

Also it seems like you get no defenses whatsoever, but what if defenses were allowed just at a large penalty like -10? Or if not, some means of temporarily generating control resistance to subtract from the BB roll, maybe reduce to 0?
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