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Default Re: [DF] A Portal Fantasy within a Dungeon Fantasy: Where's Alice?

Originally Posted by Hide View Post
If your players had 250 CP (as Alice), they would have similar (not equal) opportunity. Otherwise, the stakes are not the same.

That's the point Tymathee, thanks to GM fiat and discretional use of the modifier "your version" of luck provides better benefits to Alice and is cheaper. You don't need "Super Luck".

When a "lesser ability" surpasses a "greater ability" there's a cue to reconsider things.
If the trajectory I have in mind gets them where I'd expect them to be at when they reach this stretch of the campaign, they ought to be within ~25 points of Alice. Her point total and stats are meant to reflect a plausible amount of competence that would allow a single member party to survive up to that point... whether or not that's actually possible if we let the dice fall where they may isn't my concern since she's being planted smack dab at the end of the Dungeonland module and just before the The Land Beyond the Magic Mirror module begins. I'm playing Alice as clever as she should be. In the palace where the trial takes place, Alice will be quick to recognize the odds are entirely against her if she sticks it out alone. The PCs are the only sane people in the room, so her choice is quite clear. From then on the PCs are essentially escorting her safely out of Dungeonland...

As written, Ridiculous Luck is more cost effective than Super Luck. Super Luck has a weird niche in what you can achieve with dictating dice rolls but Ridiculous Luck is effectively better for what it does at that point cost. The levels of Luck were undoubtedly intended to be unsubtle point crocks to encourage players to have convenient access to what are arguably ubiquitous traits; e.g. Combat Reflexes, High Pain Threshold, Fit... the point costs given are clearly rigged to be cheap for what they do.

If semantics matter, I could change (Game Time, +0%) to (Accessibility (GM Fiat Only), +0%) and it would have negligible difference. What they have in common is that GM Fiat dictates the balance, and usage is scaled to the level of Luck at the GM's discretion.

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