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Default Re: One Last Shot missile attack

Originally Posted by Steve Jackson View Post
Right now the rule says that you have to drop your weapon if you take the One Last Shot option.

I'm very inclined to delete that. It forces a decision that should be left tot he player. In fact, the archer would be more likely to hold onto his bow even if only to defend with!

Any counterarguments?
I agree. I always took it as an overstatement for simplicity's sake, and to underline the point that you can't just stand in the front lines repeatedly shooting people who are attacking you with hand weapons. You probably shouldn't be able reload a bow or crossbow or sling if you're attacked (or you could just say, while engaged), but I think you should have the option to hold onto it if you want.

I tend to think similarly about entering Hand to Hand combat - a non-HTH weapon could possibly be held onto, even if it did no good or possibly got in the way.

The destroyed rule was also unclear whether it meant you could Defend with a bow that was previously "destroyed" by defending with it, or not. Some people felt a bow would possibly be shredded after a turn of defending against a sword (maybe not a spear), but a crossbow might last longer as a something you can defend with. But it's a bit fiddly and an unusual level of detail for TFT to specify exactly what happens when different things are used to Defend. It's not entirely clear what the rule means though.

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