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Default Re: Map of the Pakistan Vile Vortex

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
Oooh, if I could make maps like that, I'd be very happy.

Would you recommend that I sign up for Stepmap?

I have so little artistic talent that back in grade school, I was once sent to the principal's office for 'mocking' the arts and crafts teacher, who didn't believe that the caricatured stick figures I was drawing represented the absolute height of my artistic capabilities. I have not improved since and never learned to use a single digital photo-manipulation or map-making tool.
Its free, they have not spammed me, and you can just type in decimal latitude and longitude to mark a location. You have to click on points by hand to draw a polygon and it does not show all the modern cities by default but you can strip the lat and long for all the archaeological sites off Wikipedia (its in the upper right corner of the article on a full-sized screen, here is Mojendo-Daro).

In the first linked map there are 5 vortices per hemisphere, occupying about 1/4 of the line of longitude, so each is 18 degrees wide (360 / 5 * 4). So the vertices for northern vortices on that map are {lat X degrees North, long Y-9 degrees East} {lat x+9 degrees North, long y+9 degrees East} {lat x-9 degrees north, long y+9 degrees north} But no crazy theory is complete without multiple variations! Wikipedia has a version where the vortices are defined by two lines of latitude and two of longitude so you would need four points each 15-18 degrees apart.
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