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Default Re: [meta] Standardizing Tags

Originally Posted by Methariel View Post
Well, to avoid too many tags being around, I'd propose that you used Resources for Artifacts and Roles as well, eliminating the latter two from the "tags"-list. And what about capitalizing those tags that are capitalized notions in the system (like Roles, Resources, Superiors etc.)?

Capitalizing tags doesn't work; the system automatically lower-cases them.

As far as the other, I see your point, but I must respectfully disagree. "Resources" is an extremely broad category to use for a tag-search; if I'm searching for a thread on Songs, I don't want to have to wade through a bunch of discussions on skills, vessels, and artifacts to get there.

Still, I may be wrong. I'm sure there may be situations I haven't thought of where a broad tag may be useful.
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