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Default Re: [meta] Standardizing Tags

Originally Posted by JCD View Post
On things like Is Norden, I would suggest 'variants' as a tag instead of hereasies. While cute, it might confuse those who aren't familiar with her phraseology, particularly in a religious game.
It's the term that's used in the Game Master's Guide for this sort of campaign. I thought it best to follow the source material here...

Compiling the suggestions:
  • Start with the list I posted at the start of this thread.
  • Change canon from "Rules As Written" to "Setting As Written".
  • Add pop culture for pop-culture references - appropriate music, inspirational fiction or artwork, fantasy movie casts, examples of the various character stereotypes, and so on.
  • Add adventure for adventures, adventure seeds, campaigns, plot seeds, and the like.

Anything else?

Edit: Something for Play-by-Post and other methods of playing at a distance, perhaps... but what? I'm drawing a blank on an appropriate term (assuming it's even something useful).
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