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Default Re: [meta] Standardizing Tags

Originally Posted by ISNorden View Post
The [canon] tag also suggests its opposite, a [heresy] or [house rules] tag: in my campaign, the "heresies" that don't fall under an existing tag might include (1) the existence of Gray Celestials and (2) the "333 = Ethereal Intervention" rule. Do miscellaneous variations like that deserve their own category, in your opinion?
Originally Posted by JCD View Post
On things like Is Norden, I would suggest 'variants' as a tag instead of hereasies. While cute, it might confuse those who aren't familiar with her phraseology, particularly in a religious game.
Already covered (though obviously, it can be discussed):

Originally Posted by robkelk View Post
[*]canon for discussion that follows the Rules As Written; heretical for discussion that diverges radically from canon.
And while I know there's a tendency to have too many stickies, perhaps the "tags list" should become a permanent one, so that newcomers can easily see it and understand the terms we're using. (IMO, it can replace the outdated sticky for the Asmodeus playtest.)
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