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The Protectors

The Ancients inhabit a massive rogue planet in an otherwise empty universe, on a quanta somewhere in the -5 range (IE basically unreachable). They have an immense understanding of magic, and magic as technology (IE- they have spaceships, but they are really just collections of spells that operate like a spaceship, etc), as well as a mastery of inter-dimensional magic that allows them to all but effortlessly reach any quanta.

They are themselves extremely xenophobic people, however due to some core philosphy they feel it is there duty to prevent mangling of other universes by outsiders.

As such they find, hire, train, and employ 'protectors' to go to various timelines, striking down mad gods, stop inter-dimensional plagues, sealing away multi-dimensional horrors, and generally stop any given worlds problems for becoming ALL worlds problems.

The ancients have enough power to outright destroy worldlines, but they are loath to take such drastic action unless absolutely required due to the number of innocents that are drawn in (in there view of things even life that could eventually evolve into sentience is an innocent)

The protectors are 'hired' from thousands of worldlines that the Ancients monitor and look after.

The protectors themselves are generally paragons of virtue. Monitored for there entire lives they are snatched away at there moment of death (replaced by an exact copy), rebuilt, augmented by extreme magical forces, and explained the state of the universe as well as why they were brought to the rogue world- then asked if they wish to join. So far they have a 100% acceptance rate.

Once they accept they are subjected to even further magical augmentation and intense physical, mental, and mystical training.

The major issue that the Ancients and the protectors face is that even with unlimited worlds to pick from the 'right person' to become a protector is a rare thing, and they take over a century to train; so there numbers are quite low.

Protectors are masters of blending in and not disturbing a worldline, hiding there immense powers unless absolutely necessary- when they do expose themselves fully they are almost universally seen as gods, angels, or divine spirits.

view of other world jumpers
They have been around for a very long time, and even the cabal is naught but a spec on there long history of protecting the host of worlds. However the manications of men make far less 'noise' then multi-universe plague, mad gods, and eldrich beings that can devour whole worldlines;

Generally they feel that while distasteful none of the other factions have done anything to warrant direct interference or drastic action- still if a Protector team happens to be on a world where other world jumpers arrive, they will prevent them from harming the world. They further are keeping tabs on the various factions.

They are most opposed to the Reich; There abuse of other worlds and refusal to acknowledge even the existence of the minds they crush in there mad attempt to extend there conquest is offensive to them.

The Cabal with its veils of secrecy and subtle manipulation has flown under there radar, by design, for decades- Now that they know of there existence the Cabal's attachment to low manna worlds (where there magic is most potent), put the very magic heavy protectors at a disadvantage.

They very much dislike infinite's practices, and outright abuse of worlds, putting them at almost the same level as the cabal, but at least seeing that they are trying to do some good with there outreach programs.

They assign largely the same level of contempt that they do to infinite to Centrum.

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