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Default Re: Alternate Crosstime Organizations

Ok, I have a head full of these things. The first little while will be looking up stuff I've made previously.

A alternate at 84,000 years ago, Wander has no fixed quantum spot, but it does have a quantum pattern, cycling from Q3 to Q9. Once you know the math behind it, you can get off and on it, but it still needs to be in the right quantum. Wander is the source of a number of vanishes, and has a thriving population of lost jumpers from Both Centrum and Infinity, concentrated mostly in Europe. The local Neanderthal population is surprisingly human, mentally speaking, which leads many to suspect its a true alternate, not an echo. The Neanderthals may join the high tech communities or not. Many have done so.

The inhabitants of wander have made peace with one another, and seek the deescalation of the infinity war. They also have a thing against the way the other two factions treat the other worlds, particularly echos.

The population of Wander is pretty low, even compared to centrum. They do have a better understanding of parachronics than either of the two sides (they have tech from both), thorough knowledge of how the two sides operate, A wider selection of quanta to operate on, and a secure hideout.

Wander was created for a PbP called "Freedom from Infinity". The first mission and the only one played was about stopping World War One from happening on an echo, while Infinity tried to make it happen anyways.
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