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Default Re: Alternate Crosstime Organizations

Goblin-Town. It's a full world-line but mostly archipelago. It's full of all sorts of strange mixed humanoids ruled by beautiful (as far as anyone can tell, but with so much magic flying around who can be certain?) royalty.

A large percentage have limited world jumping power and species-appearances mean nothing to them. Social standing is purely about magic and specifically degree of jumping ability. Also those with power increase influence and standing of family. "Adopted" kids count.
This leads to all the fey kidnappings that pop up in all human realities. The most valuable resource to them. They have ways to find and activate even the most dormant jumpers. But obviously care about infants and small children that would adapt to a new family.
One nice thing is that PCs with strong jumping power are automatically considered true fey and gain standing far beyond cross-timers and un-powered locals.
Though that comes with inclusion in all the political intrigue and aggressive suitors if they happen to look better than a turnip. Even if they do, that would be someone's fetish or acceptable price.
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