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Default Re: Discussing Yrth History & Evolution of GURPS MAGIC

As fate would have it, I can't put all of the 304 spells of GURPS FANTASY 1st edition in a list that will fit on a single "post", so I will divide it into two posts
Earth Spells:
Seek Earth                   Shape Earth                  Earth to Stone               
Stone to Earth               Create Earth                 Flesh to Stone               
Stone to Flesh               Stone Missile                Earth to Air                 
Earth Vision                 Entombment                   Earthquake                   
Volcano                      Summon (Earth) Elemental     Control (Earth) Elemental    
Create (Earth) Elemental                                  

Air Spells:
Purify Air                   Create Air                   Shape Air                    
Air Jet                      No Smell                     Body of Air                  
Predict Weather              Destroy Air                  Walk on Air                  
Breathe Water                Clouds                       Rain                         
Earth to Air                 Lightning                    Summon (Air) Elemental       
Control (Air) Elemental      Create (Air) Elemental                                    

Fire Spells:
Ignite Fire                  Create Fire                  Shape Fire                   
Extinguish Fire              Heat                         Cold                         
Resist Fire                  Fireball                     Exploding Fireball           
Flame-Jet                    Phantom Flame                Flaming Weapon               
Essential Flame              Flaming Missile              Summon (Fire) Elemental      
Control (Fire) Elemental     Create (Fire ) Elemental     

Water Spells:
Seek Water                   Purify Water                 Create Water                 
Destroy Water                Dehydrate                    Breathe Air                  
Shape Water                  Essential Water              Walk on Water                
Fog                          Water-Jet                    Icy Weapon                   
Ice-sphere                   Ice Dagger                   Rain                         
Summon (Water) Elemental     Control (Water) Elemental    Create (Water ) Elemental    

Sound Spells:
Sound                        Voices                       Thunderclap                  
Silence                      Wall of Silence              Hush                         
Mage-Stealth                 Far-Hearing                                               

Making & Breaking Spells:
Find Weakness                Weaken                       Shatter                      
Restore                      Rejoin                       Repair                       

Light & Darkness Spells:
Light                        Continual Light              Colors                       
Flash                        Darkness                     Blur                         
Hide                         Invisibility                 Infravision                  
Night Vision                 Dark Vision                  See Invisible                

Illusion & Creation Spells:
Simple Illusion              Complex Illusion             Perfect Illusion             
Illusion Disguise            Control Illusion             Dispel Illusion              
Create Object                Create Animal                Create Servant               
Create Warrior               Control Creation             Dispel Creation              
Know Illusion                Independence                                              

Communication & Empathy Spells:
Sense Life                   Sense Foes                   Sense Emotion                
Truthsayer                   Mind-reading                 Hide Thoughts                
Soul Rider                   Mind Search                  Mind-Sending                 
Telepathy                    Persuasion                   Control Person               
Possession                   Permanent Possession         Exchange Bodies              
Exorcism                     Lend Language                Borrow Language              

Protection & Warning Spells:
Shield                       Armor                        Sense Danger                 
Watchdog                     Missile Shield               Reverse Missile              
Iron Arm                     Magelock                     Weather Dome                 
Utter Dome                   Nightingale
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