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Default Re: Discussing Yrth History & Evolution of GURPS MAGIC

Originally Posted by maximara View Post
"Use" and "cast" are not "learn". The problem is earlier on in the book there is this:

"Most spells can be learned by anyone (though remember: in some worlds they can only be used by mages). Some spells can only be learned by mages — being a mage is a prerequisite for the spell." sic (Classic Magic 2e pg 4)

Later on we get this:

“Magery” is a prerequisite for most of the stronger spells. This means that no one but a mage — a person with Magical Aptitude — can learn them." (Classic Magic 2e pg 5)

Classic: Magic 2e p 95 effectively gave Clerics what in 4e amounts to a limited form of Magery 0 and effectively locked them out of spells that required Magery 1 or higher to learn.
There was of course no such thing as Magery 0. And yeah "use" and "cause" aren't the same thing as "learn". But clerics don't learn the spells in the first place any more than a knack user or someone with a racial spell. The only thing they learn is the correct prayer to ask their gods to help them in a spell-like manner.

That's why the next clerical magic system dispensed with prerequisite spell chains. Because clerics may cast magic, but they don't know magic. They leave knowing it to the gods and possibly reluctantly to the mages. In that particular proto-system for clerical magic , they would spend 10 points for access to just one magical college but they were getting access to the entire college for the ten points.

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