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Default Naming a Security Firm in New Orleans

I posted this in my campaign thread, Caribbean by Night, but it occurs to me that this is essentially a New Orleans Area Knowledge question, in that it's about a name for a business that might work in New Orleans. And more people who know anything about NOLA might see it here.

In the year 2000, three partners, with the clandestine financial support of J.R. Kessler's (Patron of the PC) secret occult vigilante organization, founded a security and private investigation firm in New Orleans. Two of them are retired US law enforcement officers and the third is an experienced executive from the world of international private security contracting.

Obviously, the company will serve as a cover company for various counter-occult operations by Kessler's people in Louisiana. It will hire legitimate security personnel, former detectives and the like, and actually carry out private investigations, perform due diligence research, asset recovery, security consultation, corporate counter-intelligence and the like. All of that, however, will be secondary to the real purpose of gathering information about the supernatural and, on occasion, do something about it.

I'm looking for ideas on what to name the company.

Something in French, maybe?

We want something that would sound trustworthy and appealing to people in New Orleans, without being too strange. They want to sound like a local firm with international expertise. That is, their shtick is that they bring international talent and experience to bear on contracts that are mostly focused in New Orleans and Louisiana.

They'd want to be able to bid for local, state and federal government contracts in law enforcement and security matters, anything from prisoner transport (the US Marshals Service) use private security firms to drive their prisoners around) to providing training in high-tech surveillance gear.

They'd also chase contracts from banks and corporations and to that end, they'll hire forensic accountants, financial investigators and people with experience in corporate security. Also, they are very much meant to be a modern high-end private investigation firm, so they'll take contracts from (rich) individuals and companies that require skilled investigators for whatever purpose people hire expensive private investigators.*

So, we want the name to be generic enough to not to raise any eyebrows, but still memorable and trustworthy enough to appeal to customers. Basically, imagine that the company was 100% legitimate and we were a marketing team searching for a name that would help them succeed in New Orleans.

So, what should their name be?

*From what I understand, usually things having to do with suspected fraud or assets concealed in bankruptcy cases. Divorce-work is low end, unless, of course, it's someone fantastically rich with a pre-nup that requires proving infidelity.


Kenneth W. Campbell (b. April 1, 1952; Shreveport, Louisiana) served as a helicopter pilot for the US Army (1969-1973; left as CW2), with two tours in Vietnam. He later did twenty years in the Louisiana State Police (1977-1997), in the Gaming Enforcement Division and the Aviation Division. After he retired from the LSP, he worked as a helicopter pilot for IYR Inc. (1997-2000), a logistics company providing services to yacht owners.

Myron L. Schneider (b. April 30, 1949; Port Arthur, TX) was drafted into the US Army 1967-1969, where he served a combat tour in Vietnam with the 7th Cavalry Regiment, as a machine gunner and helicopter door gunner. After getting out of the Army, Schneider served as Deputy in the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office (1970-1975) and became a Special Agent of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) in 1976, where he served for twenty years, until he retired in 1996. During his years in the DEA, Special Agent Schneider took part in the counter-narcotics Operation Snowcap in South America, making ten 90-day deployments to train and support police in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. After retiring from the DEA, Schneider worked as a sales representative in the Caribbean and Southern US for ORIEL S.A. (1996-2000), a French firm that is a market leader in security and surveillance technology.

Jean-Bastien Moreau (b. November 18, 1946; Casablanca, Morocco) was born to French parents. He is a former lieutenant of the French military (served from 1969-1974; from 1971-1974 as LT of the 2e REP in the French Foreign Legion). From 1977-1978 he served in the 7 Independent Company, 1st Battalion, Rhodesia Regiment, in the Rhodesian Security Forces.
Since then, he has worked in private security, with 22 years of experience as an executive with international security firms like Compagnie Blanche S.A., Sentinel Risk Management Inc. and ISHIM Ltd. He has a BA in Sociology from Paris X Nanterre (1968) and an MBA from Tulane University (1987). He became a US citizen in 1992.
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