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Default Re: How does Power affect cost for a Magic Item?

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
I did not find a note to that effect in either GURPS Magic, GURPS Thaumatology or GURPS Dungeon Fantasy: Adventurers.

GURPS Magic 3e had a rule which increased cost by 20% for Power 16, +40% for Power 17, +60% for Power 18, +100% for Power 19 and then another +100% for every +1 to Power.
4e still has the basis for this rule in the Ceremonial Magic section where extra energy equals more skill. I suspect that the extra cost for Power-20 items was either left out to make room for the longer (but not very useful) discussion about the economics of Enchantment or deliberately left out becasue it's a setting specific detail (like people using Powerstones in Enchantment alledgedly is).

It's always been somewhat problematic. That I've ever been able to tell there is no minus to S&S as there is for Q&D so the Power of S&S items should always be the (highest) Skill of the Enchanter(s).

So for items produced by lone hermits Skill 20+ should probably be the norm. Especially if you factor in On the Job Training to Enchanting.

Then you consider settings where there is little Low Mana around plus the way the Rule of 16 affects items containing Resisted Spells and high Power isn't always that useful.

With all of this and other things to consider and I'm afraid the answer might be "You're on your own.".
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