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Default Re: Rev Trike Costs : Rules & Ambiguous Wording etc .

Practically everyone we've played with in UK since early '90's has gone with Smart Links are needed .
It rarely effects vehicle designs . The move from linked light weapons to singular heavier weapon in there place & often eliminates need for any links . The twin L+R MGs on Lumberjack X-Hvy Trike , with a RR on one side or other - Left position normally . The Left aspect being area with most Targets for a road going Trike . OR Trikes , either can work .

Another thing with the cost increases for 'Body/Chassis' for Reverse Trikes , actually save MORE cash if you use a Light Chass ! At least according to Combat Garage builder . A quirk that might be beneficial if it's correct .

I've been revamping all the Cycles from VG1as Lt. Trikes & noticed this on my 920lb version of the RoadMiser ( TrikeMiser ? Lol ) as a HC 2 Rev. Lt. Trike & it keeps costs down . It's better than the Windshell & LMG Cycle versions of the Road Miser with no Armour anyway .
Think apart from pure speed (Cycles) or pure handling (Sub Compacts) , Light or stripped down Medium Trikes do a far better showing in combat than a majority of Cycles or Subs most of the time . Surprised how many $6K+ Cycles & Subs you can build as under $5 Trikes instead is astounding .

Off to sleep - got a cold - so chat to you later guys .
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