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Default Re: Main-gauche vs. Dagger

The weakness in RAW is that a parry with a dagger stops just as many hits as a bastard sword.
This is a point of imbalance.

I am interested in the Steve Jackson quote above, where Steve says something about the point that you can not "parry" with a dagger.

Also, I have no idea why a regular warrior would have a main gauche in their off hand? This is a fighting style. Not even Two-weapons talent users would choose this over 2 weapons at their ST rating.

MG is a Fencing Weapon, used by Fencers as part of the style, that's pretty cut and dried. I do think the MG should give the fencer a passive 1 point of defense just for being in the off hand, like a shield, or say, like a spiked shield.

It's a perk of meeting the criteria and investing into fencing.

And yes, If a fencer should parry, it is a special purpose DESIGNED parrying weapon, to parry swords, it should add the "active" parry bonus of a full defense, in addition to the passive bonus, it is what the weapon and talent were designed for.

I think some folks are overlooking passive defense and active defense.
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