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Originally Posted by fdsa1234567890 View Post
How might I make this work?

While there are obviously rules in Ultra-Tech for traditional and mostly realistic SF powered armor, how could this be done in a lower tech setting using essentially a magic power source and materials science?
I'm thinking maybe design such vehicles as allies, with that Thaumatology limitation they had for magic-weapons-as-characters which made them go immobile in No Mana.

I'm not sure if maybe in one of the Pyramids someone put together a template for piloted-power-armor-as-ally, I think some combination of Payloads and Compartmentalized Mind : Controls would be the baseline?

For stuff like protecting your cargo (your pilot and any passengers you make room for) you could take Internal Advantages (1/5 cost!) with the "Affects Others" enhancement, perhaps?

For a small 1-hex robot I think you'd only need the smallest 1-ex AE for +25% which got introduced later to protect everything inside (instead of 1 specific char) while for larger multi-hex robots you probably need larger AE, such as the 2-yard one (central hex plus six surrounding) for +50% in basic set.

For a second I thought you might need +50% because humans are 2 hexes tall, but apparently height for AE is always 2 yards so that shouldn't be an issue.

For robots who are 3+ hexes tall I'm not exactly sure how you'd deal with getting enough AE to protect those piloting the feet and head simultaneously though, as B101's "should volume matter" doesn't really talk about how to adjust in that direction...

B109's +60% version of Wall does allow more flexibility with AE design but it only specifies being able to take it for "an attack" ...

Do we maybe have any examples in later books of Wall being allowed more liberally for other advantages, like we've seen with modifiers for other stuff floating from their place of origin to another?
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