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Default Re: Rev Trike Costs : Rules & Ambiguous Wording etc .

If you are besieged in a fortress town you don't really need that much fuel. It's travelling about that requires it. You still need power.

The disadvantage of electric power sources is that if you are forced to move it's harder to move that infrastructure. A bandit gang that has to move around to stay off the radar can't afford to be tied to a waterwheel and a windmill capable of generating decent power is going to be hard to erect and hard to conceal when erected.

That leaves you with solar. Whilst that seems like a good plan they are expensive and only work in relatively good weather (and you can't hide out in caves or thick forests) they are easy to spot from the air. Mounted ones are not an option for bikes or anything with a turret. Most vehicles that are expecting to be used to bring home salvage can carry a jerry can or two when it is time to move on. You can refuel a vehicle with ethanol in a few minutes recharging an electric plant takes hours.

I can't see you driving a pickup with dozens of charged batteries in the bed, but I can see there being a stack of jerry cans.

Supposedly electric plants are supposedly "multiple fuel cell" and that means they should need to be refuelled rather than recharged, but they behave in game as batteries.

I know CW went a different way with it's apocalypse but that was before it brought out Duel Track. It frankly never made much sense to me. Oil is a strategic resource, but if you go electric then there are other strategic resources that are no less immune to societal breakdowns (copper, superconductors etc), and PV panels are hard to manufacture from raw materials or salvage of anything other than other solar panels.

I'd have accepted that pollution, ecological concerns and dwindling fossil fuel reserves moved society to an electric vehicle before society broke down and so by the time it all went wrong there were hardly any gas vehicles in circulation anyway.
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