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Default Re: Hit Location Penalty to Grapple Weapon Hand or Arm

Originally Posted by DouglasCole View Post
Even so, the actual rule is pretty clear: trying to snag the hand with something in it is a grab; grapples are assumed to target the torso, but with hit location penalties halved if you choose otherwise.
The rule was clear to me as well: trying to grab something in a hand is done at a -4 penalty; trying to grab a body part is done at half the hit location penalty (round up).

(As Douglas Cole mentioned on Discord) looking at it like grabbing for the hand or arm that is welding a weapon could be seen as taking both the hit location + the (-4) weapon penalty, and then halving that sum. This would get you back to the -4/-2 for grabbing the weapon holding hand/arm often enough that simply going with un-halved hit location penalties in these situations is an easy gamable rules simplification.
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