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I mean, the most successful serial killers tend not to target people close to home, so it is not impossible that the jurisdiction would not realize that a particular ghost is a serial killer. A ghost could travel to another jurisdiction, kidnap someone, transform them into a bioshell, and then copy themselves into the bioshell. The original returns to their home jurisdiction while the copy starts to commit the crimes, programmed to send copies of their memories to the original. The original never kills in their home jurisdiction, and they would not 'seed' another copy until the copies (and the copy's copies, and so on) are hunted down.
There are two basic problems with this. The first is, 'unleashing killer AIs' is presumably also a felony that authorities would be interested in following up on. The second is, actual serial killers (as opposed to terrorists) tend to enjoy the experience of killing people, which is lost if you use a xox.

In general, copying around malignant AIs of various types is a legitimate area of legal concern, but there's really no reason to use a xox -- it's likely to be bloated compared to a more focused AI (making it much easier to detect and remove) and provide large amounts of forensic evidence for figuring out where it came from.
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