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Default Re: Formulas for speeding up repetitive rolls

As pointed out by others, the probability of success is defined on p.B171. That's all you need to know to do the math.

As to what math:

To determine the number of successes achieved over a specific time period/specific number of rolls: multiply the number of rolls by the probability of success of your effective skills/attribute to determine how many rolls will be successful, and drop fractions.
Example (same as provided by a previous post): 30 days of healing means 30 rolls. If your effective HT for healing is 11 (62.5%), that would give you (30 x 0.625 = 18.75, dropping fractions gives) 18 successes, so you would regain 18 HP over 30 days.
To determine how many rolls/how much time is required to achieve a certain number of successes: divide the number of successful rolls required by the probability of success, then round up.
Example: You need to recover 12 HP, thus make 12 daily healing rolls. Your effective HT for healing is 11 (62.5%), you would need to make (12 / 0.625 = 19.2, rounded up to) 20 healing rolls, or it takes 20 days to fully recover.
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