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Originally Posted by wmervine4 View Post
Interestingly, I was thinking about this idea again today, and it is something I have thought about before.

One idea I had envisioned was to have weapon cards with the relevant weapon stats...

I think it would also be helpful to have the template card contain a large picture of the weapon...

The standard Magic system (while useful for me) isn't terribly well endorsed by the community so that might not be a big seller.
Good idea on the weapons. You could expand *that* to everyday objects: Rope, Lantern, Pick-Axe.. just about anything (except a deck of GURPS Everyday Objects cards as that would risk Interdimensional Infinite Recursion).

As far as the magic system goes, I know that people love to complain about it. I've found it very workable, especially with a few house-rules to augment and flavor. I suspect, given how popular GURPS MAGIC sold, that there are a lot of GM's out there that use the system just fine, but don't yell as loud as those who don't like it. Anyway, I'd buy GURPS Magic Cards if such a thing ever poofed into existence.
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