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Interestingly, I was thinking about this idea again today, and it is something I have thought about before.

One idea I had envisioned was to have weapon cards with the relevant weapon stats such as damage, weight, and so forth, so that players would always know what their relevant stats were for their equipped weapon. You couldn't mass produce things like this because of differing damage values for a character's ST, weight adjustments for SM, $ value based on quality modifiers, and so on. You certainly could have blank cards that could be filled in based on a specific character's weapons and then printed out for use in a game, and that would be the sort of thing I would find really useful. I think it would also be helpful to have the template card contain a large picture of the weapon so it was always obvious what the weapon looked like (some of the more exotic polearms or strange swords may not conjure an adequate mental image for players unfamiliar with them).

I completely agree on the other ideas as well. Combat cards with all the options for maneuvers would be incredibly useful, and those could be mass produced because the options are well documented in the rules. Spells could be done that way too, but from what I read on these forums, the standard Magic system (while useful for me) isn't terribly well endorsed by the community so that might not be a big seller.
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