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Default Re: Discussion for new GURPS Traveller PbP game

Originally Posted by rasimus View Post
For a 200 dTon Hero class Private Merchant, they would be:
Crew: Command (3 officers - captain, pilot/navigator, communications/sensors), Engineering (1 officer), Specialist (1 petty officer - usually a Vilani interpreter or guide), Passenger Service [Purser/Steward] (1 officer), Cargo [Cargomaster] (1 petty officer), Medical (1 petty officer)

You may be able to combine some roles. The Comm/Sensors officer and Specialist might be collapsed to one role. The Purser and Medical could be collapsed with a steward with the equivalent of EMT training because the purser/steward normally receives some training in medical equipment like life support and low berths anyway. Alternately, on a small vessel the steward could also be the cargomaster... especially if the role is filled by a Vilani, or an especially adept individual. (If you collapse to six crew, each of three people would only need two characters each: one member of the bridge crew, and one other. And, as a bonus, each character would earn just a little more cash per trip. :-) )
On the Eliza Dushku, the name of the ship that my PCs ran. We had a Captain, Pilot, Engineer, CargoMaster/Ninja, Steward/Vilani interpreter/Trader/resident coward, a doctor, and a gunner.
It would be helpful if at least one individual receive at least a little training to help out that poor single sophant in Engineering on occasion too.
I've got a post around here someplace that might help simplify skill selection to ensure we get the right mix.... Ah here's the thread. The actual posts with the ratings and such are 4 and five. It's a mix between converting the ratings info from Far Trader and mixing in some stuff from the Freelance Traveller website. I recently re-did it to set them all up using the same format as Martial Arts 'styles'. The perk was that I was gonna run a game where the number of ratings you had determined your number of shares in the ship and therefore your pay, so the 1 point for the perk covered that benefit.
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