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Default Re: Spells Required to Become a Lich

HCobb came up with a very clever way to do it almost RAW. He posted it on his house rules web page, but since then he's replaced it with some new version that's less RAW.

IIRC, the original version involved casting Aid then Death and then Zombie, or something, with the result of becoming one's own zombie.

GURPS 4e Magic has a Lich spell/process, but it says the GM should determine many of the details of what it means to be a Lich, and the wizard doing it usually needs to research and invent their own formula. That seems to me a wise approach over having one official version, since it gives the GM freedom to have it work how the GM wants and/or have differences in each case, and it discourages munchkinism and adds to the mystery and need to learn about it in-game rather than by players knowing all about it from reading a published real-world book.
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